Everett Johnson

Everett E. Johnson is a leather smith and accessories designer.

At the age of 48, Everett has solidified himself in the fashion world as a true artesian. Innately visually gifted, Everett revisits a lost artwork of traditional, couture-handcrafted artwork. His mother, the late Carla L. Johnson, was his first example of how women should dress. With a presence of sophistication, Ms. Johnson confidently exuded traditional glamour and class with signature tailored dresses, hats, furs, and statement piece jewelry. Her presence is truly unforgettable.

In addition to being a leather smith hands-craftsman, Everett is a license cosmetologist, painter, and photographer, with published works in several publications. (i.e. Saint Louis Magazine – Rewarded – Best Dressed, I Am East St. Louis Magazine – cover and feature article), Town and Style Magazine, and St. Louis Today Magazine).

Based upon the personalities of his late grandmothers, Annie Liza and Willie B., Everett’s current line respectfully named, The LIZA B. Collection. The collection is reflective of polar opposites, bold versus soft spoken, masculine – feminine, unbreakable or flexible, creating the overall aesthetics of the Liza B. Collection.

In his own words: “My line consists of handmade, couture, one-of- a-kind original creations made of high-quality materials.” Everett states, “I create timeless heirlooms that surpass its original owners, and ultimately pass down throughout future generations.